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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Manila Ocean Park tour

We welcomed year 2010 by exploring the newly built Manila Ocean Park. It is said to be one of the biggest marine park in the world comprises with hotel, restaurants, boutique, oceanarium and open marine habitat all in one building complex. By that time, Oceanarium, Marine Life Show and Glass bottom ride are among the attraction in MOP. Now, they added more exciting and fun attraction like Swimming and Fun, Trails to Antartica and Musical Fountain show that kids and kids at heart will truly enjoy. 

Oceanarium is divided into six parts carrying FIlipino names: Agos(current). Bahura(reef). Laot(fishing ground). Pating(shark). Buhay na Karagatan(living ocean). Kalaliman(the deep).

Manila Ocean Park is located at the back of Quirino grandstand near Luneta Park. The rates are as follows: 


(10am to 7:00pm)

(9am to 8:00pm Saturday, Sunday & holiday)

Php 400 per head for regular rate
Php 350 per head for children 4ft & below
Free for children 2ft & below

Php 300 per head for regular rate

Php 150 per head 

Php 300 per head

Php 150 per head

Php 60 per head

Php 995 per head

Php 120 per head

Php 150 per head

Php 200 per head

fish spa

All in, our entire trip to MOP was so amazing and educational. We were so amazed by huge fishes with different type and breeds that made us realize how beautiful our marine life is and we need to protect every species and their habitat for future generation. <3<3<3

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Love of a father

As we commonly know, Fathers are known for being overly showy of their emotions, it can be difficult to know what their emotions are, even love for their children. Just like my father, ever since, he’s the disciplinarian, strict type and always wants his children to be in bed at 10pm. Yes we’re not that close. Maybe it’s because our family was never the showy type of people. We don’t say I love you’s, we don’t always hug, and we rarely do “lambings.” We show our love by other means, through actions by supporting each other, by giving respect and by compromising with our differences. Even now that I’m tasked to manage my father’s employees, we always contradict on how to treat people. Especially to his personnel because I always fight his assistants who always “make papel” and who act like leeches just to get “pogi points” from my father. My father on the other side was very strict and always scolds at people in our production while on the other hand I’m the diplomatic one. I always make it a point to patch conflicts between two parties in a closed door meeting and solve every problem with good conversation. I believe so that Manpower is one of the asset of the company so if you treat your people right, your people will return the favor by doing their job well. 

 But since the entry of 2011, everything changed. My father started to reach out; we now talk over some issues especially with regards to work. He then started to give me gifts that I never demanded nor anticipated I can have. He keeps on surprising me by giving me rewards for some accomplishments. I asked myself why, but eventually I realize that this is my father’s way of showing us that he really, really loves us, he really do. It’s not because of the material things that he gave, but the thought that my father reached out on us is just enough, with or without these things I know that he loves us unconditionally. I am very thankful to God because he answered all my prayers regarding my father and I know that Nanay is always there to guide us. Im so blessed and so thankful. Thank you God.

1st surprise gift of my father March 3, 2011

Surprise gift of my father March 24, 2011

Surprise gift of my father October 1, 2011

So to my Papa, I may not be the showy daughter but I am doing my best to support you in any way I can. I may not be as rich as you (lols) but our unconditional love for you is enough to support and help you in any way. We always love you despite our differences and we’re always here for you. We love you BIG time!!!

<3<3Admin Aey <3<3

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

busy mode

Sorry for not visiting you and cant blog for these passed few days. I'm busy as a bee, now that I'm organizing a special event for my sister. Time flies by so fast, my sister will be turning 18 this November. But once I finished all the necessary things needed for her pool party, I will go back to you and blog about all our previous trips. Several of our trips are still unpublished like the relaxing Doña Jovita resort, Ocean Adventure/Zoobic Safari tour, Laoag-Vigan getaway, Bangui windmill - Pagudpud road trip, Boracay Adventure, Sagada-Banaue escapade, Cebu-Bohol  breakaway, Cebu-Bantayan Island exploration, and Bagasbas - Calaguas Island paradise discovery. Whew! Unbelievable that we almost conquer all those wonderful tourist destination here in our country, but yes we did it, we've been there and done that. And I'm excited to share with you all good memories and amazing experiences we encounter on those trips. See you soon!

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Food trip in Manila

Few months ago, when Honey and I went to Divisoria to have a bit of shopping, we dropped by 2 of the famous restaurants in Manila,  the iconic Ma Mon Luk and Savory Chicken to try each of their best sellers.
Ma Mon Luk is a Chinese restaurant with delectable Mami and Siopao who have branches near Quiapo and in Quezon City. According to history, Ma Mon Luk was born and raised in Guangdong, China. He worked as a grade school teacher before migrating to the Philippines to sell chicken noodle soup. He later became a familiar sight in Manila as he walked the streets with a long bamboo pole slung on his shoulders with two metal containers at each end of the pole. He then opened his first restaurant in Binondo where he introduced his famous siopao and steamed pork dumplings. He continued peddling his wares on the streets, seeing it as an opportunity to advertise his restaurant. Ma Mon Luk and his mami became known throughout the nation since 1950. 

I’ve read about Ma Mon Luk in different blogs and it’s always indicated that their siopao and mami really taste good. Due to our curiosity we searched one of their branches in Manila. We get off at Quiapo Church and walked on the street side until we reached the restaurant. It was just a typical restaurant with lot of newspaper with article about their stall that hanged on their wall as a decor. Despite the looks of their restaurant and lack of ambiance, still regular customers were hooked with their offers. Their best sellers are Siopao which is really big unlike other Chinese restaus, costs P55.00, chicken Mami for P85.00 pesos and beef mami for P100.00 

 It was our first time to eat here and we’re so delighted because the mami and siopao really taste so good. To be honest, their siopao is the best siopao I ever tasted in my life! It’s so big that can make you really full and has generous filling that you will enjoy together with their unlimited siopao sauce. While their mami is so aromatic and so tasty.  The ingredients are simple and few but, it was so flavorful and tasty!

On the other hand is Savory Chicken located in Binondo, Manila. When we got there, lot of patrons are waiting for their orders mostly Tsinoy and businessmen along Binondo area. Savory Chicken was established by the Ting family back in the 1950s, but the brand began to disappear by the late 1990s to early 2000s. But now, they come back with flying colors. They now have different branches all over Metro Manila and we don’t need to go to Binondo just to taste their chicken. My favorite from their menu is their Chicken with fish fillet, tropical cooler and turon on the side. Their fish fillet is so creamy and so tasty; I so love the taste of it. While their chicken is so tender, juicy, tasty with so delicious sauce that compliment with the chicken.

 I so love our food trip experience, so full and enjoy.  We discover not only good tasting restaurants in Manila that feed our tummy, but we also discover history that feed our mind. So love this pig-out day.

<3<3Admin Aey<3<3

Monday, October 03, 2011

No other woman

Sunday, October 02, 2011

New Facebook Timeline

Have you seen the new Facebook Craze? If not here’s a preview of Facebook’s new Timeline.

Facebook Timeline is a visualization of whole life. It’s more like a huge biography including important photos and events in your life that you want to show with your facebook friends. From the year you were born until the time you started using Facebook is included here. The good this is you can now browse your previous posts easily with just the scroll down button or just clicking the year indicated on the right side of your profile, without the hassle of clicking  the “older posts.”

And how to enable Facebook Timeline?
Here are the steps:
  •        Type on your “Search box” at the upper portion of your profile the word “Developer” and click the first option that shows.  Or just simply click here.
  •      Fill out the fields with any names you want. Don’t worry you can edit or change the name anytime.

  •       Accept the Platform privacy agreement then a confirmation will pop-out, it’s either via mobile number and credit card number. The most easy and safe way is the mobile number, and then a confirmation code will be sent to your number which you will type on the confirmation box.
  •         Click “Open Graph” on the left portion of your screen. 

  •        Select the Getting Started link under Open Graph and enter some action. Don’t worry there are action samples that you can choose like “read” and “book”, you can also add or edit it after.

  •       After configuring the actions, scroll down and click Save Changes. Now, refresh your page and go to your Facebook profile and you’ll be able to see the Developer Release on the top screen with options to Get It Now or Learn More.
  •        Click “Get it now” and Ta dah! Your timeline is now available.

****Note:  Only Facebook users who run their profile with Timeline version can only see your New Facebook Timeline. But if they are just ordinary users, they will see your old Facebook profile.
On the other hand if you changed your mind and wish you to go back with your original Facebook profile, just simply follow this instruction.
  •  Click the “Apps” button at the top most part of the page.
  •   Click “Edit App” button at the upper right side of the page
  •    Click “Delete App” link on the mid-left side of the page

  •       Then,  click “Confirm” button and go back to your profile 
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