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Friday, May 10, 2013

Puerto Princesa Underground River - truly wonder of nature & Ugong Adventure side trip.

One of the most amazing experience and tour we had last year 2012 was when we luckily visited the clean and beautiful province of Puerto Princesa, Palawan. It was a 4 days vacation which we really enjoyed and we made sure that every minute was well spent. For the City tour, Underground River tour and Honda Bay Island hopping, we availed La Tiara’s tour package since it’s what I believe has the cheapest offer among other hotel packages. We decided to take tour packages so we can enjoy every moment without being hassled for just arranging transportation, food and all the permits needed to the tour.


We spent our first day in Palawan by a City tour which turned out great as we were fed by rich culture and ample biodiversity of the province. For our second day, we’re scheduled to explore the very famous and Philippines’ pride Underground River and we’re all very excited. Our service van from La Tiara fetches us at Corazon Tourist Inn at exactly 7:30 am and it took us an hour and half to two hours from the City proper to Sabang port where several boats dock that will bring you to the jump off point to Underground River.  Apropos, the local government of Palawan is limiting the visitors of the Underground River to 1000 tourists only and time of cave exploration depends on the schedule given when processing the permit.  And since we were a bit early for our 1 pm scheduled boat ride, our tour guide Ate Malou offered us to do a short stopover at Ugong Rock Adventure.

These are the stunning views that we passed by on our way to Ugong Rock.

lush greenery Puerto Princesa Palawan

Rich biodiversity of Palawan

Huge trees

Picturesque landscape of Palawan's lush greenery

The word "Ugong" means the echoing sound a column (figure produced when stalagmite & stalactite meets) produce once you tap it. The Ugong rock adventure puerto princesa was a wonderful, unique experience; combination of trekking, climbing and cave spelunking. Imagine we survived passing by confined spaces and rocks; climbing/rappelling just to go up one spot on the cave. Our tour made easy because we were guided by the locals and they're all friendly, knowledgeable, and accommodating. They make sure that we are all safe while doing the activity. When we reached the peak where you need to do Zipline, we are welcomed by the impressive view of natural rock formations. All our sweat subsided when we saw the breathtaking views and felt the freshness of the air. A wonderful once in a lifetime experience!

Ugong Rock Adventures Entrance

Safety First at Ugong Rock Adventures
Ugong Rock Adventures Palawan

Confines Spaces as part of Ugong Rock Adventures

Beautiful view at the top area of Ugong Rock Adventures

Zipline launch at Ugong Rock Adventures

Breathtaking views of lush greenery - Ugong Adventures Palawan

Ugong Rock Adventures

My bff's shot at the peak of Ugong Rock Adventures Palawan

After the adrenalin rush we experienced at Ugong Rock Adventures, we had a sumptuous buffet lunch by the beach which is included in the package tour costs P 1340. Some of the foods offered in buffet are tempura squash which is so delicious, adobong kangkong, grilled pork/fish, tinola and adobo.

Buffet by the beach Sabang jump off point to Underground river Palawan

Yummy meal Palawan

Enjoying our buffet lunch by the beach - Palawan

After a bit of exploring Sabang beach, our journey continued by a 30 minutes boat ride to the jump off point. Everyone perked out knowing that Palawan Underground River is now within our hand’s reach. And here are my shots of the beautiful view while on board a 20 minute boat ride to Puerto Princesa Underground River. 

On our way to Puerto Princesa Underground river 

"No man is an island" - view on our way to Puerto Princesa Underground River

Did you notice the side view of a man's face? - Boat ride to Puerto Princesa Underground River jump off point

Picturesque view of mountains on our way to Puerto Princesa Underground River

Underground River tour in Palawan was so organized by just allowing 1000 visitors per day to preserve its beauty. The whole tour took about 45 minutes but so enjoyable because of our boatman Kuya Jhun who delivers bunches of trivia and humorous segway. PPUR's only explorable area counts 1 km long only with the total of 8.2 km long that flows directly to the sea. The remaining stretch is only explorable by researchers and professional geographer that still conduct studies and amazing discoveries from this wonderful nature.

Puerto Princesa Underground River 

Boats dock at Puerto Princesa Underground River jump off point

Puerto Princesa Underground River

Beautiful rock formation at Puerto Princesa Underground River Palawan

Puerto Princesa Underground River 

Puerto Princesa Underground River 

 Puerto Princesa Underground River 

Puerto Princesa Underground River 

Puerto Princesa Underground River 

B4LIFE at Puerto Princesa Underground River 

We were welcomed by different limestone formations; adjoining stalactites and stalagmites. The feeling inside is so unexplainable. We were so mesmerized while staring at the formations. Some images that we saw include the bahay-kubo group composed of different fruits and vegetables, and the mesmerizing cathedral with formations of the holy family, Virgin Mary, San Roque and his dog, Jesus Christ's face, and guard. We're so delighted with the highest ceiling of the cave which stands more than 100 feet.

Puerto Princesa Underground River limestone

Puerto Princesa Underground River 

Puerto Princesa Underground River Jesus Christ image

Puerto Princesa Underground River mushroom 

Puerto Princesa Underground River Marilyn Monroe image

Puerto Princesa Underground River Highway 45

Puerto Princesa Underground River Lion

The cave was so enchanting and enthralling, feeling you wouldn't know how to describe at the end of the tour. You will then realized how magnificent God and Nature to mold these thousand year old rock formation into a majestic artworks. Nothing compares to the natural beauty of our country and Filipinos should preserve every bit of it. We are so blessed with a lot of different paradise waiting to be discovered and it’s up to us how we will show our care to nature, our care to our motherland. Puerto Princesa Subterranean River is truly an amazing creation of nature and God, one thing that we should be proud of, treasure of the world, wonder of Nature.

Puerto Princesa Underground River - our tour guide/boatman kuya Jhun

Puerto Princesa Underground River - One of the world's wonder of Nature


  1. an ganda talaga ng palawan

    1. 101% true. Palawan is one of my favorite province because of its cleanliness. Gustong gusto ko din ang maigting na pagpapatupad ng local govt para mapanatili ang kagandahan ng probinsiya. Thanks for dropping by.

  2. hi yung 1350, inclusive of what po, PPUR, ugong rock, zipline,buffet, van ride? ty

    1. yes kasama na lahat sa 1340 ang lahat ng permits, boat ride, van service, buffet lunch, Ugong rock adventure (exclusive Zipline 150). Kumbaga wala ka na iintindihin sasakay at mag eenjoy ka na lang. You can also ask some discount from Tiara kung marami kayo mabait naman siya kausap. thanks for dropping by

  3. Sir baka di nako makabalik sa site mo. Clarify ko lang, kasama ba yung underground river at ugong rock dun sa 1340php? Thanks! Pasend naman reply sa thanks ulet!

  4. Sir baka di nako makabalik sa site mo. Clarify ko lang, kasama ba yung underground river at ugong rock dun sa 1340php? penge ng number nung tiara. Pasend naman reply dito and sa thanks ulet!

  5. Yes po kasama na sa 1340 ang Underground River, Ugong Rock side trip, service, lunch and permits needed =) Thanks for dropping by

  6. Note: La tiara's given rate to us is based on a group of 6 package, you can ask for discounts if you travel in big group =)

  7. Did you came out of the underground river the same way you entered?

    1. Yes. Explorable area is 1 km long only so the whole stretch you will enter is the same route going back the cave mouth. Thanks for dropping by =)

  8. Hi....
    thanx for d info pala... me and my friend wil visit puerto ds aug 13-15 and we r xcitd to see d most cleanest city of palawan...
    tanong lng po....
    ano nga pala ung inn dat u stayd wen u wer dr? Magkano po ba ung rate nila dat s gud for two....
    would u b so kind enaf to giv me der contact info..
    pati narin po ung sa travellngagency nyo...

    Salamat po...

    1. Hi. We stayed at Corazon Tourist Inn ( since our first choice Ysabelle Mansion ( was already fully booked that time. Corazon's rate for a Standard room good for 2 is 1,400. Their contact details are as follows:

      Corazon tourist Inn
      Telephone number: +63 48 434 2195
      Cellphone number: +63 915 680 3040; +63 929 741 2048
      Skype Name: corazontouristinn

      Furthermore, we took our package courtesy of La tiara. Since we are group of 6, she gave us a discounted price of 1,140 for Honday Bay, 400 for City tour and 1,340 for Underground River with Ugong rock. You can also ask Sis Tiara for available budget accommodation if the 2 mentioned inns are not available. You can contact Sis Tiara at these details:

      Telephone: +63917-8094509 and +63917 - 8414510
      FB Page:

      Hope this helps. Thanks for dropping by Patrick =) Enjoy your Palawan tour =)


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