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Thursday, April 19, 2012

How to have successful booking during Cebu Pacific promo fare?

For backpackers like us we made sure that in our every travel we consider our pocket. As we always say, “Traveling need not be expensive as long as there is teamwork, and right budgeting.” We always consider cheapest deals on accommodation, food and DIY tour so our pockets will still have some air to breath. One biggest factor to mull over on your trip is your airfare. When you spend less money on your airline tickets, you have more money that you can put towards your vacation. Depending on the amount of money that you are able to save, you can enjoy a nice meal, add an extra activity to your to do list, upgrade your overnight accommodations, and much more. Proud to say that all our tour outside Luzon was made possible by airline’s promo fares like what Cebu Pacific always share to its patrons. Occasionally, Cebu Pacific offers promo fare that every Juan can hardly resist. It slashes its domestic and international airfares into 50% off up to 1peso and Zero fare and we are so lucky to avail most of their Piso fare. Some say that this is just a marketing strategy and faux promo because once a promo has just launched, many will say that all tickets were “Sold Out” already. But for so many times that I successfully booked (P1, P25, P88), I guarantee that these promos are all true. Just carry with you lots of patience and dedication. 

So what are the things to consider when booking this kind of promo fares? Here are my personal tips:

Subscribe to Cebu Pacific newsletter
It’s an advantage if your job comes with a personal computer and online presence for 10 to 18 hours. Just be sure to subscribe with Cebu Pacific’s newsletter that will automatically update your email beforehand once a promo fare is announced. More effectively, be connected with CP’s Facebook or Twitter page that will give you timely updates about the promo in your News Feed. 

Sign up with Cebu Pacific’s CEB Club Member
If you are registered with CEB Club Member (mostly frequent flyer), aside from it will keep you posted with updates, it will save your time from filling the forms for you and your friends/family’s personal information while on the booking process. It saves time, and cuts the inconvenience!

Be updated
Always be updated not only to Cebu Pacific’s promo but also with other local airlines like Air Philippines, Zest Air and Philippine Airlines so you still have an option in case that you missed Cebu Pacific’s promo. Usually, Cebu Pacific posts their Seat Sale promo before noon time and if there is special holiday like Christmas (P25), Easter Sunday (P0) etc. be sure to check their website during midnight to hunt for great price cuts or discounts on their airfare. 

Prepare details of your trip ahead of time
Like what I usually do with our group, we discuss ahead of time what and when will be our next trip so the members will have enough time to save their budget. Then I gather the important details about the date of our trip (that usually falls on a weekdays of summer or -ber months), the participants – their important information like birthdates and passport numbers for international flight, and the destination (must have at least 2 options in case your original choice is not available in the seat sale).

Be alert, early and accurate

At times, Cebu Pacific announces their Seat Sale ahead of time. Like for instance 12 midnight of a particular date they will posts their Seat Sale, so you must be alert and sure to be online at least 30 minutes before 12 midnight because connection usually slows down once the promo starts due to cluster of netizens who also hunt for the seat sale. Remember: Early bird catches the early worm. Moreover, booking a seat sale ticket is all about alertness without compromising accuracy. While it’s recommended that you fill up the forms with important details that fast, it is also necessary that you pay attention to what you’re doing in every step. The last thing you should put in mind during a seat sale promo is buying an airline ticket booked on a wrong date, the wrong destination or for the misspelled names. 

Mode of Payment
Keep your Credit Card (VISA & Mastercard) ready. For some, it is the most convenient way of availing tickets online without the hassle of dropping by to ticketing outlets. Others can also use their ATM cards however banks that are affiliated with Bancnet are the ones who can use this option. But how about flyers without these cards? Worry no more because you can also book online and pay over-the-counter at Banco de Oro (Just fill up BDO’s payment slip, the orange paper), MetroBank, Robinsons Savings Banks and LBC Bayad Center.

Bucket of Patience
Booking Cebu Pacific’s Seat Sale is not that easy because competition is very tight and website always gets a down time due to volume of seat reservations, so you must grab the promo fare that you want immediately after you see it. Promo Seat Sales are limited and available slots can last out with just a blink of an eye. Bear in mind that available slots fall on a weekdays so choose date that falls from Monday to Friday. But if you are lucky enough you can hunt for an available promo on a Saturday or Sunday. Most online bookers catch a seat sale to Boracay, but no worries! If Caticlan displays “Sold Out” you might wanna consider going to other world-class but budget-friendly destinations like Kalibo, Cebu, CDO, Palawan, Busuanga, Bohol, and many more that are just waiting to be discovered. Philippines is made of 7,107 islands and always ready to flaunt its beauty to the world. Moreover, see to it that you can maximize or adjust the time frame of your preferred all-out getaway in case that your target date is not available and look for another dates until you snap an available slot. During the last process which is the payment option, errors usually pop out but instead of aggravating, patiently start the process all over again. It always happens to me but I don’t mind the frustration rather bring out the big HOPE that I can catch another slot. 

If you want traveling as part of your life and if you’re also a believer like us that Traveling need not be expensive, you will need effort to hunt for great deals that will fit your budget. Perhaps, traveling is our stress reliever that can widen our knowledge & thoughts, meeting different locals, discover hidden treasures, gain memorable experiences that we can share to the world and it let us enjoy our lives without sacrificing our pockets. Thanks to Cebu Pacific, truly they make Every Juan flies!

For latest promo, online booking and changes on your flight please check CP's website:

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