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Monday, May 21, 2012

The friendship we made at Virgin Island Cebu

It is -ber month of year 2010 when we visited for the first time the province of Cebu and Bantayan Island is first on our itinerary. Bantayan Island is located on Northernpart tip of Cebu City. The name “Bantayan” comes from the Cebuano term that means “A Place to Watch”. It was once a lookout place called as “Bantayan sa Hari.” The people who lived on the island adopted the term that described the purpose of being there and shortened the name to “Bantayan Island”.

Why choosing Bantayan Island among other destination spot in Cebu? Simply because we want a total relaxation in a restful & tranquil place where we can hear is just the sound of the beach waves cascading the shore line, embracing the fresh air and the sunlight kissing our skin. Even we know that it will be a long tiring trip, we are certain that it’s gonna be a worthy adventure.

breathtaking view during sunrise

Magdagdag ng caption

view from our cottage

We started our 2nd day of stay in Bantayan Island by a sumptuous breakfast in the middle of huge coconut trees. What a comforting way to start the day, isn’t it?! After our breakfast we started preparing our things for an island trip in “Virgin Island.” To minify our expenses we bought drinking water, rice, seafood and vegetables from Bantayan market and had it cooked on the island.  We paid 1000php for the boat rental good for 8 pax which Eddie (Budyong resort staff) arranged the night before our island trip. From Budyong beach, reaching Virgin Island takes 30 minutes boat ride. Make sure that you go there as early as 7 or 8 in the morning to fully enjoy the island. The island is a privately owned island prohibiting anyone for an overnight stay. You will be charged for an entrance fee of 100 pesos per head and 150 pesos for cottage rental.  Moreover, boatmen will wait for you in the island anytime you want just before it gets dark or unless highest tides begin to pile up. They’re also in charge in preparing and cooking of your food just make sure that you have an extra budget for the liquor they will get from this small store that will be charged to you afterwards. (Believe it or not, it is the tradition on the island, lol)


 Virgin Island has a powdery white sandy coast line and clear blue waters that suites an enjoyable snorkeling. It is a lovely, peaceful and tranquil place for fresh air and relaxation. You can simply enjoy here the sun, sand, and sea while unwinding or just roam around the island for a few minutes. On the right side of the island is a snorkeling spot where you can see that the water is very clear while on the left side is a scenic view of rock formation good for photo op.

 During lunch time we’re pleasantly surprised that there are plenty of scrumptious foods on our table. Crab, Fish, squid, grilled eggplants, red eggs & tomatoes and big oysters – so fresh and luscious food. We’re so glutted after the extraordinary feast! The feeling is so great knowing that eating with your travel buddies and at the same time enjoying the scenery of white beach Virgin Island is a wonderful memory we will never forget in our entire life. 

food feast
 Furthermore, after enjoying our pig out session four Korean tourists arrived in the island. Since we’re the only group in the island and because we’re notable for being hospitable we immediately approached them and asked to join us. They didn’t hesitate and started a conversation by introducing themselves & ours and asking more about the Philippines that we proudly answered. Sab, Daniel, Young and Yelena are all studying English in Bacolod, since it’s their semester break they got time to explore the neighboring towns. Several minutes of conversation have passed when they invited us to swim and play volleyball, which we never realized that we’re starting to be comfortable with each other. 

Conversation with the Koreans

enjoyed playing volleyball with them

Team Philippines hehe
with Daniel

on our way to Ogtong Cave

After our enjoyable bonding everyone decided to take a side trip to Ogtong cave and while on board our respective boats the fun continues as they were waving their hands to us, throwing jokes and playing around. It was a magical moment for us because we never expected to be that close with them like we were old friends not seen each other for a long time. Such a wonderful adventure we will treasure forever.

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