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Thursday, May 02, 2013

Puerto Princesa Palawan City Tour

It was November 2012 when we luckily got the chance to explore the beautiful province of Palawan, thanks to Cebu Pacific’s 0 promo for sponsoring our budget airfare haha! Since we’re talking about budget travelling, everything on our expense list for a 4 days 3 nights vacation is on a budget. From our airfare to accommodation (CorazonTourist Inn) to our city and Honda Bay tour, it’s all within the 6,000 each bracket.  At first I was thinking if we can do a “DIY” set-up for our City tour and Honda Bay Island hopping but realized that it will cause us more time and energy to consume on preparing just the permits needed for the tour and we needed to transfer from one transportation to another just to visit the points of destination in Palawan. At the end, we decided to take the cheapest package tour from La Tiara Travels and Conventions.  I found out about La Tiara’s affordable Palawan tour package in femalenetwork (Gtalk) since every Sis at the forum is recommending Sis Tiara’s package and I believe so that Sis Tiara’s offer is cheaper than the hotels and resorts in Palawan . Sis Tiara is very approachable to deal with, she will give you list of affordable accommodation to choose from and she even gave us 200 discount per head for our City tour. The packages that we availed from La Tiara (group of 6 rate) are the Underground river tour with side trip to Ugong Rock Adventure for P1,340/pax, Honda Bay Island hopping for P1,140/pax and Palawan City tour for 400 each pax. Big savings, isn’t it?!

For other queries about Puerto Princesa Palawan tour as well as Coron and El Nido, you can contact Sis Tiara at her cellphone numbers +63917-8094509 and +63917 - 8414510

or you can add her up at her Facebook Page link below:

Note: Globe and Smart signals are ok in Palawan while Sun Cell on the other hand shows no signal in some areas. 

Since we arrived lunch time in Palawan, we still have time for Palawan City tour. La Tiara’s service van picked us up at Corazon Tourist Inn heading our first stop;

  • Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral with beautiful interiors and roof decor which was carved by Palawan prisoners. 

Inside Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral - Palawan

Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral - Palawan

Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral - Palawan

  •       A few steps from the Immaculate Parish - is an old historical garrison named Plaza Cuartel.  According to our tour guide Ate Maricel, it is the place where the infamous Palawan massacre was held during World War II. It is a restored ruin of an old garrison where Japanese soldiers burned 143 American prisoners of war inside a tunnel. Only ten prisoners survived to tell the story about what happened inside that tunnel and one of them is Donald Schloat which died last October 2010, but kept coming back to Palawan when he's still alive.

Plaza Cuartel

Plaza Cuartel Palawan

  •      Since it’s along the way, we dropped by at a Pasalubong center called LRC Pasalubong where we bought cashew nuts, delicacies, t-shirts and pearl.

  • Next to our point of destination is the Palawan Wildlife Rescue & Conservation Center. Palawan is considered as one of the favorite tourists destination and it's good to know that the province has its own way of protecting biodiversity. The name depicts their real intention in saving, protecting and caring Palawan's endemic animals. It also serves as a habitat for crocodiles and my group had the chance to hold a baby croc. We also had a close encounter with ELLA, a Palawan Bearcat that's so heavy but playful. Staff also provides briefing regarding Crocodiles and how they do the caring for the animals.

with Ella the bearcat - Palawan

Baby Crocs of Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center

Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center
Crocodile bone at Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center

  •     Next one is the Mitra Farm which is owned by former Senator Ramon Mitra. It is a spacious farm with breathtaking views of Puerto Princesa and overlooking view of Honda bay. Horseback riding and zipline are also offered here.

Beautiful view at Mitra's farm

Overlooking Honda Bay at Mitra's Farm Palawan

  •     We end our city tour at Baker’s Hill. As depicted on its name, Bakers Hill is located in an uphill location in Puerto Princesa. You can see a beautiful home and garden in the area. Kids and Kids at heart will surely enjoy the colorful miniature park and play area with all those life-size Disney character and the like. Baker's hill is famous with their baked goodies like HOPIA wherein the entrance gate serves as the pasalubong area that smells really good. Their hopia tastes so good and not too sweet. If you're planning to take home their home made hopia, its shelf life usually last for 7 days.

Beautiful House at Baker's Hill Palawan

Baker's Hill Palawan

lifesize cartoon character at Baker's Hill Palawan

Our first day in Palawan turned out great as we were fed by rich culture, clean and green environment, interesting discovery, and getting to know more about this beautiful province. I so love Palawan! We will surely go back!


  1. Hi! I enjoyed reading your article.

    1. Hi. Grateful to know you enjoyed it. Thank you so much for dropping by. So much appreciated =)

  2. oyette.mora@yahoo.comNov 7, 2013, 4:34:00 PM

    My sister and I will go to Puerto Princesa Palawan, this coming Nov. 13-16, 2013. I was relieved because by merely reading your article I got to get tips where to go and contact for budget tours. We are also on a tight budget and I was relieved we can actually attained our goal. Thanks!

    1. Yey! Thanks po. So much appreciated. Enjoy your trip to Palawan coz you'll never go wrong with this beautiful province =)

  3. Some quick and useful tips (i.e tricycle fees, bus schedules, DIY tours) for a cheaper travel to Palawan

  4. Replies
    1. I agree! people keep coming back because Palawan is simply a paradise =)

  5. Awesome post!

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  6. Awesome post!

    If you're going to Puerto Princesa on Sep 15 - Dec 15, 2017, you should take advantage of Sunlight Guest Hotel's promo! Check it out at and :D


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