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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Alluring Alonaland Resort Panglao Bohol

Last Holy Week 2014 we spend our 6 days vacation in Cebu and Bohol. We travelled to Bohol via OceanJet and reserved our tickets online for 400php per head. It was a 2 hours boat ride from Cebu to port of Tagbilaran and we did not regret choosing the open air seats because of scenic view along the way. We even met a retiree from U.S and fell in love with Bohol province proving that Bohol is a perfect zone for retiring hive.

We chose Alonaland resort as our home in Panglao, Bohol for roughly five days and we personally recommend this resort for everyone who loves to travel from one place to another specially to families who are planning to bring their loved ones to Panglao Island in Bohol. Alonaland resort has the cheapest offer among other resorts in Alona Beach Panglao, Bohol. Since we are on a budget we immediately reserved their House 13 good for 6pax for 2,500php per night. We are not expecting any extravagant from this hotel since the rate is so affordable but we’re so amazed when we arrived. Surprisingly you will be captivated by the fusion of Asian-Mediterranean inspired houses, the gardens are well maintained, and at night, you will hear nothing but the sounds of nature, the croaking of frogs, the relaxing noise of cicadas on a fine hot summer's night, I even saw fire flies enchanting a mango tree. Everywhere you look there were scenic views and great spots for relaxation. The whole resort is so huge and not that crowded. Every house or room accommodation assures you a great privacy and relaxation.

Facade of House 13 Alonaland Resort Panglao Bohol 

 Alonaland Resort Panglao Bohol

 Alonaland Resort Panglao Bohol

 Alonaland Resort Panglao Bohol

Our accommodation is a 2 – storey house composed of Living room with television, verandah with big wooden table and chairs, kitchen with complete cooking utensils and refrigerator, a bathroom with shower and washroom, an air-conditioned room on the ground floor with 2 double beds and cabinet, an air-conditioned open room upstairs with 2 double beds and lastly a terrace. They also have grilling areas and billiard table free of use. If you plan to cook for your meal during your stay, plan ahead your menu to save time and trike(150php) fare going to the wet and dry market. Though this resort is 15 to 20 minutes walk away from the beach, they offer a free shuttle service every hour. Their staffs are all accommodating and they even helped us with our transfers and tours (1500 – island hopping/dolphin; 2500 – countryside tour; 600 – transfer).

 Alonaland Resort Panglao Bohol

Living room  Alonaland Resort Panglao Bohol

Bedroom  Alonaland Resort Panglao Bohol

Bathroom / Comfort room  Alonaland Resort Panglao Bohol

Wash area  Alonaland Resort Panglao Bohol

Wash Area  Alonaland Resort Panglao Bohol

Kitchen  Alonaland Resort Panglao Bohol

hammock area  Alonaland Resort Panglao Bohol
View from the terrace of House 13  Alonaland Resort Panglao Bohol

Bed upstairs  Alonaland Resort Panglao Bohol

Terrace  Alonaland Resort Panglao Bohol

 Bed. Alonaland Resort Panglao Bohol

 Alonaland Resort Panglao Bohol

 Their well – maintained swimming pool is so relaxing even at night, and we really enjoyed dipping every day of our stay. Our 5 days stay in this resort was really great and so relaxing most especially seeing greens all over the resort and breathing fresh air. Having said that....this was by far one of the best vacations our group has experienced because of the very relaxing and homey atmosphere in this lovely and huge resort. Highly recommended for a family or group vacation. Two thumbs up!

Billiard table  Alonaland Resort Panglao Bohol

House 13  Alonaland Resort Panglao Bohol

Pathway  Alonaland Resort Panglao Bohol

 Alonaland Resort Panglao Bohol

 Lovely swimming pool of Alonaland Resort Panglao Bohol

For further details about  Alonaland Resort please contact Rolf and Elsie Eggli at:

(63) 917 - 3040211

or at their email adress:


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