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Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Wonderful City of Cebu

Cebu Province is located in Central Visayas which is in the middle of Philippine Archipelago. The City of Cebu is the capital city of the province and known for its monicker “Queen City of the South” because of its huge potential in terms of economy that serves as the focal point of growth and development in Southern Philippines. Considered as the oldest city in the country, Cebu City is an excellent tourist destination that features heap of tourist’s attraction. It has become a favorite tourist destination because of its rich culture, its finest food, historical sites, white sand beaches and clear waters that made it popular as one of the country’s fantastic dive site. We already visited the city twice; year 2010 and 2011, a proof that we really fell in love with Cebu and there are still many reasons to go back. 

Mactan Bridge

Our first visit to Cebu City was year 2010 after our three well-spent days in Bantayan Island. From Mactan International Airport you can hire a cab to your preferred hotel that will costs you around 150 to 200 pesos. Accommodation in Cebu is not a case as there are many hotel choices ideally located in the heart of the city.  Furthermore, it is advisable to book your hotel at least 2 months before your travel date particularly if you are arriving during major holiday. Amid other accommodations in Cebu City, we preferred staying at Vacation Hotel (Juana Osmeña Street) for its budget-friendly rate, accessible to attractions that Cebu has to offer and it’s the only hotel with room that can fit up to 8pax. We paid 2,840 pesos for 6 pax and additional 224 pesos for every extra pax that boils down to 3,288 pesos for 8 pax per night. The clerk even gave us an off-season discount that really pacified our weeping pocket hahaha. Kidding aside, VH also rendered us a good deal for free usage of their swimming pool & billiard table and free continental breakfast (slice of bread, 2 eggs, butter, strawberry jam and coffee) for 6.

Vacation Hotel Cebu

For other hotels in Cebu that you may want to check, here is the list:

Cebu Grand hotel -     +6332 2546331      
                                 +6332 2546339      
                                 +6332 2546361      
                                 +6332 2546362     

Diplomat hotel +632 2530099

Hotel Pier Cuatro - +632 2361111

West Gorordo Hotel - +632 231-4347 to 49

Summit Circle Hotel -  +632 2393000

Mango Park Hotel +632 2331511 to 14

Apple Tree Suites - +632 2534236
(sun) 0922-821-6697
(globe) 0917-307-8112
(smart) 0939-939-8060

Pacific Pensionne - +632 2535271

So what are the tourist and historical attractions in Cebu that we’ve visited? Here are some snippets. (classified according to accessibility/farthest)

Lapu – Lapu Monument / Magellan’s Monument / Mactan Shrine / Sutukil/Taoist Temple

From the city proper up to Lapu-Lapu City will cost you 300-400 pesos per taxi. Just try to haggle, ask for meter rate and avoid taxi contract. But if you’re on a budget you can go there via public transportation. From SM Cebu you can ride a V-hire to Gaisano Mactan and from there ride a multicab with signboard “Punta Engaño,” and just inform the driver to drop you off at Mactan Shrine.

Lapu-Lapu Monument
Lapu-Lapu monument is a life-size bronze statue representing Lapu-Lapu’s honor and to commemorate his heroic acts during the battle of Mactan (April 27, 1521).

Mactan Shrine
The Mactan Shrine in Cebu is dedicated in honor of Lapu-Lapu, Ferdinand Magellan, and the Battle of Mactan.

Guitar Souvenir 
 Magellan’s Monument
This historical statue was erected in 1866 to mark the spot where the great explorer Ferdinand Magellan died from the battle of Mactan.

Sutukil Restaurants
When in Mactan, make sure you try Sutukil restaurants just outside the Mactan Shrine. Sutukil is a portmanteau word of different ways to cook a fish. Su - Sugba (grill), Tu - Tula (prepared into soup), and Kil - Kilaw (raw fish salad). This place is an eating haven in Mactan where restaurants let you choose whatever you want cooked from selection of fresh fish, prawns, crabs, seaweeds, shells, clams and lobsters. Don’t forget to try the best-seller sweet and sour Lapu-Lapu of "No Problem" Restaurant which is so delectable and the best recipe’ I’ve ever tasted! (Drooling, haha) 


sinigang na maya maya

Sweet n Sour Crispy Lapu-lapu
Taoist temple Cebu
It is advisable to hire a cab going here and let the cab wait for you because it is located inside Beverly Hills Subdivision. This is a beautiful attraction in Cebu where you will enjoy Chinese architecture. It is a great place for photo op where one can capture extravagant décor, dragons, carvings and miniature of towers. Just be reminded that this is a sacred temple where people pray, meditate and exercise their religious belief so visitors must maintain the solemnity and tranquility of the place. 

Basilica Sto Niño / Magellan’s Cross / Larsian
You can ride a cab from city proper up to Magellan's Cross for about 60-80 pesos and Basilica Minore is just adjacent to the cross. 

Basilica Minore del Sto. Niño
Is the oldest Roman Catholic Church in Cebu, the home of the iconic young Jesus worshiped as Santo Niño.

Magellan’s Cross 
This vicinity is the exact location where the Christian cross was planted by Portuguese and Spanish explorers as ordered by Ferdinand Magellan to propagate Christianity throughout the island. 

Larsian is located in Fuente Osmeña near Robinson’s Cybergate. It is a well-known eating haven in the heart of Cebu for so many years. It is a place lined with a number of barbecue stands offering different barbecue selections; Chicken, liver, Squid, pork, fish, and my ever favorite longganisa (Dang! It’s so good) partnered with “puso” (rice). You can also try their siomai that’s so delicious.  When you visit Cebu don’t forget dropping by Larsian and I assure you that you’ll enjoy the incredible atmosphere and of course the fantastic food. 

BBQ selection

Puso (rice)


Cebu is a wonderful province you shouldn’t miss visiting because of its rich culture, interesting history, great food, and its people that make the city so mesmerizing and tourists keep coming back. And because Cebu province has a lot to offer you would not run out of reasons to fall in love with the place and go back. Just visit the province and  experience yourself the things and places that can make you fall in love. Happy Cebu tripping!

Overlooking Cebu City


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  2. Nice photos, there are lots of cool spot in Cebu and its one of the nicest island in the Philippines. You may also visit here.

  3. Thanks Joseph Prieto, yes you are absolutely right Cebu City is one of my favorite destination that offers a lot to its visitors.


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