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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Remarkably attractive Majayjay falls

After having a great time journeying on foot to discover the beauty of Pagsanjan falls (via vertical trek in Cavinti Laguna), we decided to take a quick trip to another falls in the neighboring town of Majayjay Laguna which is the renowned “Taytay falls.” 

Taytay falls was once called “Imelda falls” because of former first lady Imelda Marcos’s big contribution in promoting the place as one of the best tourist destination in Laguna. However, over the years it is then called Majayjay falls that derived from the name of the town itself where it is located.  According to locals, Majayjay falls gained its name from the two words “Ma” which means many and “jayjay” that implies a sigh after exerting an energy to reach the place (“many sigh”). 

Honestly, we got lost from searching Majayjay falls with the thought that after passing the arch of Majayjay town we can easily see this falls but we've got difficulties finding it due to the reasons that the falls is more notable with the name "Taytay falls" and road signs are limited. After an hour and half road trip and stopping by to ask direction to passersby, we finally found the location and then paid 20 pesos entrance fee per head for day tour (35 pesos for overnight) and an additional 10 pesos parking fee for each vehicle. 

From the jump-off point, Majayjay falls is accessible to guests from a 10-15 minutes trekking to well-paved pathway. Rain started to pour when we’re halfway from the falls but it did not hinder campers to enjoy the place whom we passed through. 

Upon reaching the magnificent Majayjay falls, we got astounded by its beauty since we’re expecting is just a usual waterfalls but much to our surprise it’s an over the top and incredible God’s creation. Unknown to many that in the foot of Mount Banahaw in the middle of lush greenery, is a magnificent waterfalls flaunting its beauty with extremely clear and freakin’ cold waters. “Can someone tell me who put tons of ice on the water?” Or should I asked, “Ice-bath anyone?” Its cold-as-ice waters can make you shiver that is why some campers bring with them hard liquor that they can booze whenever coldness attacks. 

swim as you can! haha

We stayed in Majayjay falls for about an hour that provided us sufficient time to take pictures, enjoy the green scenery and plunge in the ice-cold water falls. Limited time but filled with joy and self satisfaction while wearing a smile on our face and uttering, “We will surely go back in here to camp, the soonest!”

Commuting to Majayjay falls:
HM Bus from LRT Buendia or Alabang travels to Sta. Cruz Laguna (150 pesos) daily. From Sta. Cruz town proper, ride a tricycle to Sta. Cruz market where the jeepney terminal to Majayjay is located. After alighting Majayjay town proper ride a jeep that can take you to Taytay falls. Travel time from Alabang to Majayjay will take you 3 to 4 hours. 

Via private vehicle (recommended)
Drive all the way to South Luzon Expressway and exit at Calamaba tollway. Enjoy the road trip passing by different towns of Laguna until you reach the town of Pagsanjan. Turn right after Jollibee Pagsanjan(just before the Pagsanjan Arch) towards Magdalena then just follow road signs to Majayjay town until you reach the right side road of the Majayjay church then left turn just after the church. Observe promptly road sign since it is limited and at times small in size otherwise ask for locals for they are much better guides.

Quick Tips:

Please observe cleanliness if you’re going to camp. As much as possible bring with you a black waste bag where you can put your trash after camping. We saw in some tent pitching areas different plastic and garbage which is not disposed of properly that can ruin the beauty of the place. Be a responsible traveler. “Take nothing but pictures, kill nothing but time, and above all leave nothing but Footprints.”

For more info about the  town of Majayjay please check their website

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