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Sunday, October 02, 2011

New Facebook Timeline

Have you seen the new Facebook Craze? If not here’s a preview of Facebook’s new Timeline.

Facebook Timeline is a visualization of whole life. It’s more like a huge biography including important photos and events in your life that you want to show with your facebook friends. From the year you were born until the time you started using Facebook is included here. The good this is you can now browse your previous posts easily with just the scroll down button or just clicking the year indicated on the right side of your profile, without the hassle of clicking  the “older posts.”

And how to enable Facebook Timeline?
Here are the steps:
  •        Type on your “Search box” at the upper portion of your profile the word “Developer” and click the first option that shows.  Or just simply click here.
  •      Fill out the fields with any names you want. Don’t worry you can edit or change the name anytime.

  •       Accept the Platform privacy agreement then a confirmation will pop-out, it’s either via mobile number and credit card number. The most easy and safe way is the mobile number, and then a confirmation code will be sent to your number which you will type on the confirmation box.
  •         Click “Open Graph” on the left portion of your screen. 

  •        Select the Getting Started link under Open Graph and enter some action. Don’t worry there are action samples that you can choose like “read” and “book”, you can also add or edit it after.

  •       After configuring the actions, scroll down and click Save Changes. Now, refresh your page and go to your Facebook profile and you’ll be able to see the Developer Release on the top screen with options to Get It Now or Learn More.
  •        Click “Get it now” and Ta dah! Your timeline is now available.

****Note:  Only Facebook users who run their profile with Timeline version can only see your New Facebook Timeline. But if they are just ordinary users, they will see your old Facebook profile.
On the other hand if you changed your mind and wish you to go back with your original Facebook profile, just simply follow this instruction.
  •  Click the “Apps” button at the top most part of the page.
  •   Click “Edit App” button at the upper right side of the page
  •    Click “Delete App” link on the mid-left side of the page

  •       Then,  click “Confirm” button and go back to your profile 
<3<3 Admin Aey <3<3

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