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Monday, October 03, 2011

No other woman

Is month of September a cheating month? Because movies and TV shows about cheating are in demand like Temptation of a wife, fierce wife, my neighbor’s wife and recently No other woman. Kidding aside, people are patronizing this cheating concept because it really happens in real life, and reality bites that everyone is prone to temptations especially men. Like in the movie “No other woman,” it portrays the consequences you will suffer after cheating your partner.  Before I make my own review let me give you a short synopsis: 

Ram (Derek Ramsey) is a struggling businessman having an issue with his dad and his father-in-law. He has a happy, blissful marriage with Charmaine (Christine Reyes) for more than 5 years, not until Ram closed a deal with the Zalderiagas by providing luxurious furniture in their resort. At the resort Ram met Cara Zalderiaga (Anne Curtis), who eventually the daughter of the luxurious resort owner (Tirso Cruz) and a self-confessed playgirl. Cara being the classy, liberated and care free woman, showed some interest to Ram and they end up having an affair without any emotional attachment. Eventually, Cha found out their affair and started to fight for her man. The clashes between the wife and the mistress began, fighting over one man, one love, Ram. From the sweet, loving wife and family oriented type, Cha transformed into a classy woman just to level with Cara. As time goes by, Cara started to feel different and from no strings attached she eventually fell in love with Ram. Ram on the other hand got confused of whom he’ll choose. Is it his wife whom he truly loves since the beginning or the other woman whom he learns to love? 

****No other woman is not just an ordinary movie but a great movie with a great impact to the viewers. Maybe because a lot of people can relate with each one of the characters as a loving wife, loyal husband and a woman who fell in love with the wrong person.  I also want to commend the main cast for nailing their characters especially Anne Curtis who exceptionally gave justice being Cara. Anne is so freakin’ hot and effortless so classy. I so love her looks every time the camera pan on her, I can't help staring and realizing how gorgeous she is.  Just like what I’ve smirked to my girlfriends whom I’m with watching the movie,  “If I’m Ram ill choose Cara, who would not be obsessed with a beautiful, sexy and classy Anne Curtis, haha!”Derek is also fitted to the movie, so good looking and so hot body that any woman can be attracted. Christine on the other hand is quite good portraying a simple housewife, but I’m not used to it because I know her to be frank and open. But some confrontation scenes are fitted to her and she acts it effortless.  I also commend Miss Carmi Martin even she had little exposure, she's so hilarious in delivering those knocked-out lines. There are so many remarkable lines and scenes in this movie that you will really think about and loved. Some of my favorite scenes and lines are as follows:

  • Carmi Martin: Kung ahas siya mas ahas ako, at pag ako kinanti nanunuklaw ako!”
  • Carmi Martin: “Ganyan talaga pag galing sa makating dikya, nagmamarka!”
  • Carmi Martin: "Ang mundo ay isang malaking quiapo maraming snacher maaagawan ka! lumaban kah....Ipack up mo na ang katawang Lucy Torres na yan at ilabas mo na si Gretchen! Ako na'ng bahala sa red stiletto mo!”
  • Christine Reyes: "Ang marriage ay parang exclusive village lang. Kailangan binabantay mo para hindi makapasok ang mga squatter.” which Anne replied with, “Buti nakapasok ka pa dito sa resort. Bawal kasi ang ugaling squatter dito”
  • Anne Curtis: "You can call me anything you want: a snake, a bitch, an other woman. But I will never be a pathetic, boring housewife.”
  • Shopping mall scene where Cara and Cha crossed ways and exchanged bubbly words over a fight on a luxurious bag comparing it to their triangle situation.
  •  Dinner scene where Cha invited Cara over dinner that Ram didn’t expect.
  • Confrontation of Cara and Cha on the resort delivering those hot dialogues.
  • The scene that really made us cry, Charmaine comforting his husband in the hospital after an accident and when Ram bids goodbye to Cara, so emotional and we got so affected.
No other woman was really a great movie. I’ll give it 4 stars out of 5. This is definitely a must-seen movie not only because it portrays real life but the lesson it imparts to the viewers. Life is really full of temptations. Whatever decision you make in your life, you should always be ready to face the consequences of your actions.
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