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Sunday, July 08, 2012

Tuna-Cheese Potato Croquettes

My first attempt to do this recipe was way back College of year 2002 when we joined our school’s Trade fair. We were instructed by our Management professor to think of things or food to sell on the said trade fair and our group come up with the idea of selling street food. During the trade fair, Potato Croquettes was one of our best seller and professors keep on asking for the recipe. Since then, I always include this recipe whenever there is an occasion or just for a simple snack time since it is easy to cook and a best finger food. 

Potato Croquettes are mashed potato formed into balls, rolled into bread crumbs then deep fried. It is best mixed with tuna, ham or cheese and partnered with aioli sauce or just plain ketchup-mayo. It is a really good side dish, snack and appetizer that you will surely enjoy. 

Here’s how to make tasty Tuna-Cheese Potato Croquettes.


6 pcs           Medium-sized potatoes
1 can           Tuna in oil or brine (drained)
1 teaspoon    Salt
½ teaspoon Ground Pepper
¼ cup Diced Cheese (depending on the number of croquettes)
1 pc            raw egg beaten
½ cup all purpose flour
1 cup          bread crumbs
1 tablespoon garlic crushed
1 tablespoon onion 

Peeled potatoes


Diced cheese for filling

For the dipping aioli sauce

½ cup Mayonnaise
2 tablespoon Ketchup
1 clove Crushed garlic


1. Peel the potatoes and cut in half. Boil in water until tender and mash in a large bowl.
2. Sauté the canned tuna with garlic and onion.

 Sautéing the tuna with garlic & onion
3. Put in cooked tuna in the bowl of mashed potatoes and season it with salt and pepper. You may want to add more salt and pepper it all depends on your taste. Mix thoroughly. 

Mixing up the tuna and mashed potato
4. Prepare the breading mixture of Flour, egg and breadcrumbs in 3 separate plates.

Breading ingredients Flour-Egg-Bread Crumbs
5. Scoop a mixture of mashed potatoes, put in the cheese in the middle just like a filling and form it into balls.
6. Roll each ball into flour, dip in the beaten egg then roll it over breadcrumbs. 

Rolled tuna-cheese potato croquettes in bread crumbs
7. Heat cooking oil in the pan. It’s either you pan fry or deep fry the croquettes but much better and cook evenly when deep fried.
8. Fry in medium heat until it turns golden brown.
9. Damp it into paper towel to absorb excess oil.
10. Serve it with your favorite condiment. Either a simple mayo-ketchup mixture or an aioli sauce.
11. Share and enjoy!

 Mayo-Ketchup Aioli Sauce
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