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Monday, July 02, 2012

The "More" Amazing Spiderman 2012

As first seen on the big screen last 2002, the Marvel comics adaptation – Spider-Man became a box-office hit among moviegoers and fans of this superhero that also spawned a couple of phenomenal sequels. Now after a decade, Columbia Pictures decided to reboot the popular franchise with new cast and new director, Marc Webb. 


The Amazing Spider-Man 
evolves from the life story of Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) and his high school crush Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone). Peter, a high school weakling student being bullied from his school and was abandoned by his parents when he was a little boy, leaving him into custody of his Uncle Ben and Aunt May. While growing up, Peter tried to figure out who he really is and what really happened to his parents. He then discovered a briefcase that contains valuable thing from his father that led him into finding the truth about his parents’. Along his quest he met Dr. Curt Connors, his father’s former colleague in Oscorp who is attempting to develop a limb regeneration serum. While sneaking around Oscorp laboratory, Peter is bitten by a mutated spider that causes him an incredible strength and ability akin to a spider. He uses this strength to quite impress Gwen Stacy and take revenge to bullies at Midtown Science High. Moreover, retaliation impels Peter when his Uncle Ben has been slayed from a convenient store robbery that embarks him into hunting the slayer. On the other hand, Dr. Connors transforms into a formidable lizard after injecting an experimental elixir that urged him into propagation and world domination. Spiderman together with New York Cops and NYPD Captain which is Gwen’s Dad are all set-up to tandem an attack and hold back Dr. Connor’s monstrous plan. 


The Amazing Spider-Man is a very entertaining movie that details and explains the origins of Spider-Man. The special effects are very good especially if you watch it on IMAX 3D. The love story between Parker and Stacy is very amusing and effective, mostly because of Emma Stone’s expressive eyes. Even though the story starts in slow pace as it explains how Spider-Man came to be and develop his strength as a superhero, it’s still interesting and exciting to watch. What’s really nice in this movie is the story itself that differs from the previous franchise which is really effective. My favorite part of the movie is the scene on how the whole neighborhood helped Spider-Man to cease Dr. Connors from its monstrous plan.  

To sum it up, this movie was great establishing incredible performances from actors and a great script. It’s storyline that focuses on emotions make this an exquisite film despite the less mind-blowing actions. This is a superhero film that's actually worth seeing and for that i give it  ☆ out of ☆.

The Amazing Spider-Man ... always amazes me. But this time ... it's better!!!

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