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Friday, July 27, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises - just the beginning

After The Dark Knight’s success, anticipation from fans began for Christopher Nolan to cook a sequel that brings his epic Batman saga to an awesome “so-called” finale with “The Dark Knight Rises.” 

After turning from hero to fugitive, Dark Knight earned the blame from the death of DA-turned-psychopath Harvey Dent and engaging in a cover-up for the sake of Gotham citizens and Commissioner Gordon. Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) has been in self-imposed hiding for eight years within the remote mansion Wayne Manor and attended only by his loyal butler Alfred. This has caused him to sink together with his leaderless Wayne Enterprises, but bankruptcy and becoming worthless in the eyes of Gotham didn’t bother him so much. 

Not until the unexpected show-up of the cunning cat burglar Selina Kyle (Anne Hathaway) which has a mysterious agenda. Wayne found her in his room wearing the pearl necklace whom he value most and had it locked in a safe box. Trying to repossess the necklace, Wayne comes out of his shell and show himself in a social gathering that sets off gossip. Apart from Selina Kyle’s vicious intention is the evil revenge of Bane (Tom Hardy), a flagitious terrorist masked by a breathing apparatus that made his voice hard and filtered. After breaking loose on an isolated prison, his focus is on destroying Batman and Gotham City. 

Bane exemplifies his power to Gotham when he destroys the New York Stock Exchange, intended to bring Wayne Enterprises to its knees resulting into Wayne’s arch business rival to take over the remains of the company. This implication obliges Bruce Wayne to put on his suit again; Dark Knight rises. He runs into Selina to ask a favor in escorting him to Bane. But, it’s a trap! Bane’s power and invincibility prevail resulting into Batman’s broken bones and Bane throw him into a prison only one boy but no man has ever escaped from. Wayne’s condition let Bane and his army wreaks havoc to Gotham City and planned for a massive destruction by means of a nuclear bomb that needs to be stopped. Wayne is bothered by questions if he can be Batman again?  This time he rejuvenates his strength and power to escape from the isolated prison and eventually to face Bane again and protect the city from big explosion. 

Just like anybody who loves superhero movies, Batman Saga is one of those anticipated thrilling movie after the success of Dark Knight with Heath Ledger as Joker. Christopher Nolan didn’t disappoint us with this so-called last part of Batman with good storyline, special effects, story twist and good casting. I, personally enjoy watching this masterpiece as it is full of action and climatic moment. For that, I give this film ☆ out of ☆. Addition to that is the exceptional performance of the actors Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne, Anne Hathaway as Catwoman, Gary Oldman as Commissioner Gordon and Joseph Gordon Levitt (as John Blake) which I think will be the next cast for the role of "Robin.”  Based on the movie’s ending, there is a sneak peek that somewhat I think is a clue that Dark Knight will not end because John Blake found out about the batcave.  Let’s just wait if my theory is true, and if does, I will be just one of those superhero fans that will be happy to see another exciting and action-packed sequel. Perhaps, the movie title depicts a new beginning, Rise of the Dark Knight! 

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