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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A scoop of heavenly Swensen's Ice Cream!

Everyone loves ice cream and I bet no one can resist it. Whatever the occasion or season may be, ice cream is still a best seller. When you’re depressed, lonely or stressed, ice cream will lift your spirit and rest assure that you will be back on track. Ice cream is everyone’s indulgence; whatever your mood, whatever your flavor is, it’s a comfort food that makes everyone happy.

One craving date, me and my friends strolled around SM Mall of Asia and found this ice cream parlor named Swensen’s. Since we are so curious about their ice creams and we all have a sweet tooth we entered the store right away to try their mouthwatering ice creams. 

Swensen's, owned by Earle Swensen, is an international franchise of ice cream shop born in San Francisco, California in 1948 and there are now over 300 Swensen's Ice cream shops worldwide, in the Middle East, USA, South America, and Asia including the Philippines. 

Swensen’s Ice cream parlor is clean, cozy and very attractive with touches of pink and captivating designs. Their Ice Cream menu is divided into 8 different categories namely: Scoops, Toppings, Chocolate Fantasy, Cable Carfaits, Outrageous sundaes, Mega sundaes, and Super Sundaes. Their Ice cream prices range from 70 pesos (one scoop) to 600 pesos for special serving (Chocolate Earthquake).  They also offered hot and cold drinks but their drinking water is unlimited for customers. We really had a hard time choosing what to order because we wanted to order all of the ice cream on the menu, hahaha. Seriously, all of the ice creams on their list are so mouthwatering and the good thing is what you see on the menu is what you will really get! 

Lovely Table Centerpiece

eye-popping menu

These are the Ice Creams we ordered:

The Big Rock Chocolate Mountain for 265php – is a tower of chocolate ice cream with overflowing chocolate & caramel syrup, whip cream, nuts, chery, wafer and Maltesers chocolate balls.

The Big Rock Chocolate Mountain

Sticky Chewy Chocolate Fantasy for 255php – is a tower of ice cream with hot fudge, chocolate chips, whipped cream, chocolate-dipped cherry and wafer.

Sticky Chewy Chocolate Fantasy

Nutty Banana Basket for 265php – an ice cream with lots of banana and nuts placed in a crispy waffle basket.  

Nutty Banana Basket


Eating at Swensens is like eating on a cloud 9, the feeling is so heavenly. Every scoop of Swensen’s Ice cream can make you want for more. As for myself, I really enjoyed the nutty banana basket because I love bananas and nuts and those two ingredients really compliment with the sweet and creamy taste of Swensen’s Ice Cream. Their Ice cream is simply irresistible, has good mouth feel and so addicting! You better try it when dropping by SM Mall of Asia to feel heaven on earth!

Ground Floor, South wing
SM Mall of Asia
10 am to 10pm
+632 804-0046
Swensen's Facebook Page:

There’s nothing wrong in pampering ourselves by a cup of mouthwatering ice cream once in a while because we all deserve a little indulgence. Since Ice cream can make us gain some extra pounds, it should be take in moderation and much better if followed by a workout. So why do people love ice cream? It’s simply because “Ice Cream can make people happy,” and so do we! 

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