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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Exploring Baguio City

Baguio City is known to be the Philippine’s Summer Capital that tourists don’t fail to visit during warmest season in the year.  The city is located in the Northern region of Philippines and surrounded by mountains. According to its history, the arrival of the Americans in the early 1900s spurred development in the City. The American Governor Luke E. Wright commissioned Architect Daniel H. Burnham, (named after Burnham Park) a prominent Urban Planner to develop a plan for a health resort where the American soldiers and civilian employees could find respite from the sweltering lowland heat. This plan, better known as the Burnham Plan greatly altered the original mountain settlement and provided the first physical framework plan for the City. It paved the way for rapid physical development, the undertones of which are still visible up this date.

Baguio can be reached via 6 to 8 hours bus ride. There’s lot of bus liner that travels to Baguio City but the nearest bus station from the airport is the Victory Liner Bus in Pasay. They also have branch in Cubao where we always hop in every time we have a vacation in the city. The bus leaves every hour and they have air-conditioned/deluxe buses going to Baguio City. You can check their site here for other destination routes, schedules and fares. Other buses that travel to Baguio are *Dangwa Tranco, *Dagupan Bus, *Times Transit, *Marcitas Liner, *Viron Bus and *Four-H Bus. 

There are lots of beautiful and nice accommodations in Baguio City, from expensive first class to cheap and decent accommodation like transient houses. But it is advisable to book ahead at least a month before your travel schedule especially during peak season (summer, Christmas, holidays, Panagbenga festival) due to flock of visitors that arrived in the City. Here are some of the hotels where you can stay from 1st class to budget hotel:

·         Microtel Inn& Suites near Victory Liner station    +6374 6193333

·         Hotel Veniz                                                     +63 74 446 0700, +63 74 4460702

·         Camp John Hay Manor Hotel                             +63 74 4427902 - 7908

·         Concorde Hotel                                               +63 74 4432056, +63 74 4425078

·         El Cielito Inn                                                   +63 74 442 8743, +63 74443 4846

·         City Lights (where we stay during our last visit) +63 74 4428080, +632 2463513

·         BaguioCountry Club                                         +6374 4425060

·        Venus ParkviewHotel                                        +63 744 425 597,
·         Benguet Prime Hotel                                        +63 74 442 7066, +63 74442 8363

·         Burnhamhotel                                                  +6374 4422331, +6374 442511

·         Forest inn                                                        +63 74 443 8436

But if you’re in a budget there are other options like transient houses. These are known to some back pack travelers where you occupy a room/bed-space or the whole house. Staying at transient houses is cheaper and may only 250 to 500 pesos per head per night. When you choose transient houses for your accommodation while in Baguio, make sure that the house is not isolated and located near light posts and always remember your safety. 

Must-see Places in Baguio (can be reach via public jeepney, cab or fx. Don’t worry taxis in Baguio City are cheapm, costs 30 pesos for flag down rate during our last visit)

·         Burnham Park
·         Wright Park
·         Session road
·         Mines view Park
·         Strawberry farm in La Trinidad Benguet
·         Philippine Military Academy
·         Camp John Hay
·         Baguio Botanical Garden
·         The Mansion
·         Baguio Cathedral
·         Lourdes Grotto
·         SM Baguio

Must try:
·         Good Shepherd Ube jam located near mines view   park
·         Lengua de gato
·         Peanut brittle
          Strawberry Taho
·         Fresh strawberry/jam
·         Horseback riding in Wright Park
          Biking at Burnham park
·         Climb 200 steps to Lourdes Grotto
·         Teacher’s Camp

Our group is so in love with this place that we tend to go back if we have chance. We so love the climate, the place itself and the food. The last time we’re here was last summer of 2009 and we really enjoyed our stay. Baguio is really the place for people who just started traveling because it’s so accessible. Hope everyone can drop by to this wonderful province of cool climate and pine trees.

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