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Friday, November 23, 2012

Kalui Restaurant's perfect ambience

Upon searching the net for the best place to eat in Palawan, Kalui Restaurant always appears first on search engine aside from being the mantra among locals and tourists who have been visited Palawan. Through curiosity, we decided to eat here during our 2nd night in Palawan and the receptionist of Corazon Inn helped us making our reservation since Kalui is always jam-packed with customers.


Kalui restaurant Menu
We arrived at Kalui at exactly 8:30pm and welcomed by one of their staff who handed us a basket for our footwear which will be placed on a shoe locker.  Yes, number one requirement when eating at Kalui is you need to be on barefoot. I’m not certain if it’s part of the “relaxing ambiance” one must feel or just to maintain the well-polished wooden flooring;  whatever it is the place is so relaxing.  Kalui is just like a native wooden house with bamboo & capiz pieces/decors making it more relaxing and romantic.  Fresh fruits are also displayed all around the restaurants, they even had pantry full of fruits which is great for photo ops. Our reservation was placed in a “papag” style table (akin to Japanese style) paired with “banig” couch and cuddly pillows.  Just beware of the table near the window on the left side of the restaurant as I noticed that insect bites were disturbing the foreign couple. Other than that all is well and relaxing.  

Relaxing seats at Kalui restaurant

Bamboo and Capiz design at Kalui Restaurant

Capiz disc serves as a window curtain - Kalui restaurant

Kalui restaurant dining area


Kalui Restaurant

Bamboo pieces - Kalui Restaurant

Chillies design - Kalui Restaurant

Kalui’s menu is all about seafood that is why you will not see any pork, chicken or beef dishes on their menu. We ordered meal set called as the "Choice catch" which comprises of the following: Tuna Steak, Fish Cordon Bleu, and Shrimp. Set Meals come with rice, veggies of the day (stir fried water spinach) and fresh seaweed. We also ordered an additional sweet and sour Lapu-Lapu while Fresh Mango Shake and fresh coconut for our drinks.  They also offer other dishes like crabs, lobster, grilled fish, sinigang, fish in coco cream and the like. As for dessert, they prepared Fruit Platter in Fresh Coconut sprinkled it with Muscovado sugar and they give it to their customers free of charge.  We really had a great time while enjoying delicious food offering of Kalui coordinated with instrumental background music that really adds up to the soothing ambience of the place.

Fresh buko

clam soup

So refreshing Mango shake

Coconut shake

Fish steak meal - Kalui restaurant

Shrimp meal - Kalui restaurant

Fish Cordon Bleu Meal - Kalui Restaurant

Sweet and Sour Lapu - Lapu

Free dessert Fruit Platter in Coconut - Kalui Restaurant

Another amazing and cool thing in this place is their Art gallery room located at the far end of the restaurant. After feasting, one can roam around their art gallery where some paintings and artworks are displayed. Really cool for a restaurant!

Even the comfort room is so nice - Kalui Restaurant

To sum it all, we really had a great dinner at Kalui’s restaurant where food is excellent, service is good and price is affordable enough. The venue is so accessible and perfect for a casual romantic dinner for two, family dinner and group of friends on a vacation. God food + Perfect Ambience = Kalui Restaurant.

For reservations, you can ask the hotel of your stay to reserve seats for you, if not you can contact them in this number.

+63 48 433 2580
+63 928 753 9621

for other menu choices you can visit their site at:

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