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Thursday, May 03, 2012

A word of advice about the unseen things.

Every year, our group B4life embarks to different journeys across the country, we've seen a lot of places and met different people from isolated regions. Philippines has a vast folklore stories and myths that have been told by the early Filipino ancestors and even in modern times, these timeless stories still bring goosebumps to those who believe in it specially among every Filipino children. Maybe the Filipino cuture is way different from western countries but at some point, even the greatest and brightest writers claim that such phenomenal events and unexplained things are interrelated and somehow affects the culture and mindset of the people. So far, we have noticed that in each places we visit, there are untold stories, terror and mysteries awaiting to be seen. I aint gifted to see those who cannot be seen by ordinary people, but our group is composed of discreet members who have the so called "extra sensory perception" (ESP) At first I was skeptical, how do they manage to feel what the others dont, One of our group member claims that the places we've visited before were haunted, It was so alarming but its part of the travel. The other member has the power to feel the presence, same as the others except me. As far as I can remember, Rhemy ( a group member) have told us in many occassions that there are other forms of spirits and demons lurking and watching our steps very patiently, Hmmm... most likely ghosts and other forms of spirits do it, but not all are harmful, some belongs to the light while the others are freelancers just trying to scare people away. There are also malign spirits that belong to the darkness of the underworld which are abnormally high in some places.They cause demonic possesion and eventually death when things come to worse, but fortunately we've never experienced such enormous spiritual battle against the darkness. If you should ever pay a visit to a place which is very uncommon or unknown, do not forget to call and ask guidance and protection from the Lord, mark my word, it saved us a lot of times not just from evil but also when we travel at sea. Always pay respect to the places you visit, you may not know but some jungles and islands have mythical guardians too, and lastly stay closer as much as possible with your travel buddies. Avoid having arguements with the locals, I'm not saying that we should give way to the local people even though they're wrong but if there's a reason to assert our rights, I think it is sane to do so. Because even the most ordinary people we see sometimes disguise to fool happy travelers. Before the month of May ends, Id like to say that it has been a wonderful summer for our group because we never experienced terrible moments but good memories to share that will definitely last a lifetime.

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