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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Exploding like Dynamite: Chili Cheese Sticks

As we all know cheese sticks are our favorite snack both kids and kids at heart. Cheese sticks are elongated cheese wrapped in lumpia wrapper and deep fried. Mostly, it is served as an appetizer to restaurants matched with mayo-ketchup or mustard. Last week I discovered this kind of cheese stick but with a twist, on a cable channel’s cooking show, introducing Chili Cheese Sticks. Cheese sticks wrapped in Green Finger Chilies then wrapped in Lumpia wrapper & deep fried. It looks so yummy and zesty so I decided to create some with my own aioli-ketchup sauce. So here’s how:

7 pcs.                                   Green Finger Chili
1 pc.                                    Beaten Egg
1 cup                                    bread crumbs or flour seasoned with salt &  
7 pcs.                                   Lumpia wrapper
1 & ½ (sulit pack)                  block cheddar cheese
1/8 cup                                water for sealing
1 cup                                    Oil for deep frying or pan frying

Aioli sauce:

3 spoonful                            mayonnaise
1 spoonful                            ketchup
1 clove                                 garlic slice into bits


1.       Wash the Finger Chillies.

2.       Using a rubber or plastic hand gloves (to avoid the heat of chilies on your skin), slice the chili vertically from top to the tip, leaving enough space from the head. Then another slice horizontally at the top but not in full cut, enough space to remove the seeds. 

3.       Scrape the seeds. If you want milder chilies, remove the vein that line inside the flesh. 

4.       Stuffed the chilies with cheese. 

5.       Dip the stuffed chilies on beaten egg  (I used flat bowl so I can coat the chilies evenly)

6.       Lay flat the stuffed chili on Lumpia wrapper folding one end then roll it over keeping the head on one end. Seal the wide end with small amount of water.

7.       Dip again the wrap in the beaten egg and coat evenly.

8.       Dip the wrap on seasoned bread crumbs.

9.       Heat the oil for frying. You can choose if you want it pan fried or deep fried

10.   Fry the wrap until golden brown.

11.   Set aside and dab it to tissue paper to absorb excess oil.

12.   For the Aioli sauce. Mixed in a bowl, mayonnaise, ketchup and bits of garlic. Season it with salt & pepper.

13.   Serve and enjoy. Happy eating!

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