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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's More Fun in the Philippines!

Early this year the Department of tourism unveiled its new slogan “IT’S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES.”  Some agreed, some were contented and some said it’s not catchy at all maybe because our fellowmen were much hooked with “WOW Philippines.” After it’s launching some accusations also brought out, that this tagline was merely used by Switzerland on their 1951 tourism campaign. But as DOT Secretary Mon Jimenez said in an interview, “Who bought the word It’s more fun!” and it’s very true. Though there are negative feedbacks, this slogan still catches the heart and mind of Filipinos and I’m one of them. Since it was launched I’m in full support and I can relate to this tagline. Yes it’s absolutely MORE FUN in the PHILIPPINES, and I know the feeling because we’ve been to many places, discovered new paradise, culture, history, foods, white sand beaches, sunsets and of course PEOPLE. Nothing can beat our HOSPITALITY, isn’t it? Some may have accused negative feedbacks, but there is no denying that "It's more fun in the Philippines" has made a positive impact as netizens continue to create their own versions of the country's newest slogan and it goes viral. Some great minds created this customized widget (click here) where you can create your own “Philipp-FUN” memes. And these are my contributions:

It's really FUN and I'm really enjoying it! So instead of bashing negative comments why not let’s help our country and the DOT with their advocacy. Let’s ask ourselves, what little things I can do to promote tourism in our country. How can I tell the world that IT’S REALLY MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES!

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