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Monday, November 28, 2011

Ayala triangle Symphony of lights & music

One time I saw some photos of Ayala triangle Symphony of lights and music when I was browsing the net. I was so amazed with the set-up and upon my curiosity I researched what’s this all about and invited my bestfriends to visit the place. Finally had the chance to watch the Symphony of lights ad Music at the Ayala Triangle Gardens.

It was 5pm when we get off to Ayala all the way from Laguna. We were rushing our way to the mall and passed by Ayala Ave & Greenbelt just to be in time for the 6pm show. When we arrived the place flock of people were already there waiting for the show. After a few minutes blue lights came up as a signal that the show is about to start. We’re so mesmerized with the coordination of music and lights, it’s really relaxing to see beautiful lights dancing and inflatable stars that popping out. So cute and so cool, we felt like we’re in a foreign country but it’s not, this spectacular show is here in our country made by lighting designer Voltaire de Jesus and composers Jazz Nicolas and Mikey Amistoso and truly proud of it.

The Ayala Triangle Gardens Symphony of Lights and Music show has been running for almost a month now and will be playing up until the 30th of December. The show happens every 30 minutes from 6pm to 9pm everyday. So iif you’re the typical Makati girl or boy, or  office workers that jog after work; residents of nearby condominiums walk their pets; families dine in the restaurant row; and friends catch up over coffee, this is the best place for you to relax and bond with loved ones. And by the way there are lots of affordable restaurants in the park that you can drop by after the show.

Here is some video clip from the show courtesy of my friend Rhems:

After our great time at Makati’s Ayala Triangle Gardens, another hang-out in Makati is next to explore.   Our group’s next target will be “Distrito” in Makati (near Makati Med). Distrito is like the “Bancheto” in Ortigas that offers variety of cuisine for you to enjoy. It opens from 9pm to 3am starting Wednesday until Friday. 

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